Help Chesapeake Synchronized Skating

Chesapeake Synchronized Skating is an IRS recognized non-profit organization designed to teach and promote synchronized skating. Our organization has been in existence since 2005. For the past several seasons we have fielded competitive teams and held beginner classes for all ages.  We have had several teams win regional competitions and several teams compete at the national level.  Our youngest teams strive to apply basic skills knowledge to skating with a team while focusing on team work and enjoyment.  Our middle level teams begin working on more complex footwork while continuing to increase their skills at operating as a team.  Our older competitive teams consist of middle school, high school and college aged skaters that compete at the national level.  We have even had several adult teams that have competed.

Synchronized skating is a large and fast-growing team sport that consists of 8-20 skaters on the ice at one time moving as one flowing unit at high speeds. For a synchronized team to flow in unison, individual skaters must be competent at a variety of skating skills, including speed, footwork, and ice presence. The team performs a program containing required formations including circles, lines, blocks, wheels, and intersections that is set to music.

In order to learn the skills necessary to excel in this sport, the teams practice once a week together and the skaters also practice on their own. Some of the many costs associated with this sport include fees for coaching and ice-time, competition entry fees, costume fees, and travel expenses to name a few. For many skaters, participation in this sport is limited due to the costs involved.